ValiBots is a project born from the ashes of the DeFi Space. The bear market exposed all of the DeFi issues that arose from ponzinomic, overinflated reward systems that inevitably failed.

However, just because the past is riddled with failures doesn't mean that DeFi is dead. No DeFi is evolving! Devs and crypto enthusiasts alike are getting smarter and better and through these failures come new, more sustainable and longer term opportunities for income in the space.


ValiBots is a play on two key words that are the core of our project... Vali - short for validator and Bots - short for trading bots! These are the two main components that create the revenue generating utility.

ValiBots is a collection of deflationary asset backed and gorgeous NFTs with a floor that, over time, can only go up! Why? Because we deploy the bulk of the funds raised into the accelerator (a combination of crypto and forex trading bots and other strategies) that produce about 10% profit per month. That profit is then used to buy blockchain proof-of-stake validator nodes. We also use all royalties from the secondary market to sweep AND BURN our own floor. Which means every sweep pushes up the floor price and every asset (validator node) we purchase pushes the floor price up! And THAT'S just the revenue generation piece of the puzzle!

There is a lot more to our business model, but you'll need to read the NEON Paper for the full story and spend time looking around the website as well!

Here is a quick list of our accomplishments so far:

- We put out one of the hottest 2D comic style NFT art collections
- We loaded our first accelerator with $100k generating revenue from day 1
- Assets 3D rendered and put into an amazing Web3 video game that will both entertain and generate revenue
- We began our lore that will be used to expand our brand deeper into gaming and film and thanks to Nessy's genius...into music as well!

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This protocol will change the way NFTs are viewed!
Because the value of your NFT is backed by real revenue sources...they will only appreciate over time.

Just click the "MINT NFTs" button and select whether you want to mint on Ethereum or Polygon. Then connect the corresponding wallet and purchase up to 100 NFTs per wallet!

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