ValiBots Gaming

ValiBots has partnered with TheEgoVerse to get our four main characters Vali, Blaze, Nova and Echo 3D rendered and rigged to be used as playable characters in their first person shooter, "First Strike". We already have a couple of our skins playable in the game and you can see our ValiBots store in their first map called "The Mall". Soon they'll have a shop where you can purchase other ValiBots assets such as other character skins, weapon skins, emblems and banners which will generate revenue for ValiBots and be used to assist in sweeping and burning our floor pushing the floor price up and up!

Please note that character skins WILL be token gated. You'll need to utilize collab-land to get your roles in Discord. Here's what that means... If you hold only a ValiBots NOVA, you'll have access to play as Nova. If you hold 1-4 regular ValiBots NFT, you'll have access to play as Echo. BUT, if you hold 5 or more ValiBots NFTs, you can play as Vali, Blaze, Nova AND Echo! Any other future skins will be purchasable through the in-game shop!

Here is an overview of setting up the game and some gameplay with our ValiBot skins in the game!

How to play

To play "First Strike" you first need to download the EgoVerse game launcher.

Once the installer is downloaded...just double click on it to run the installer and when it's done it will ask if you want to run The EgoVerse Launcher to which you click yes.

Once you are in the launcher it will look like you TWO options of game versions to the version that lines up with the type of controller you want to use (If you use controller) and select PS5 or XBOX then Install.

After the game version has installed...just click the "Play" button and it will bring you to the log in screen where you will create your EgoVerse account. This is a basic account that will be used to track what assets you hold in game.

From here you can go into the game and you'll have to explore the UI/UX and see all the different functions from the barracks where you can change emblem and banner and check your rank amongst all the loadout screen where you pick your weapn loadout. They have the shop, where you will be able to purchase more in-game assets and skins. Once you are ready to play you can go to the multiplayer tab and either join a game in progress or host your own lobby!

We plan to host lots of tournaments for cash and prizes so make sure you're in the discord and you hold the "valigamer" role to get notified on all things ValiBots Gaming!